LEDLENSER® is known for our straightforward service. We live and love our products and are sure of their quality and performance. The satisfaction of our customers is very dear to our hearts. For this reason, we offer a 5 year warranty on material and manufacturing faults for all original LEDLENSER® products!

And, we go even further: For any Ledlenser product with printed QR code on the torch and headlamp, you will receive an extra  2 years warranty upon registration of product.  

The LEDLENSER® warranty, at a glance:      

  • Alongside the legal warranty of 2 years, we grant an additional warranty of 5 years.

  • 7 years warranty may be claimed with a product registration (only for products with a registration card)

  • The warranty covers material and manufacturing faults



Product registration of original LEDLENSER® products with registration card.

Registration procedure:

  • The registration is carried out by scanning the QR code using a smartphone or by entering the URL via laptop or PC.   

  • This will take you to a unique product registration page. In this form, enter all the necessary data

  • After successfully registering, you will receive a confirmation email for checking.

 [ Ledlenser 7 years consumer warranty guide ]



If you need to SEND in your LED Lenser product for warranty, then click on the link below for information on how to make a warranty claim and where to send your LED Lenser product.

Please note that the LED Lenser warranty procedure in Australia is handled by Zen Imports Pty Ltd.